Eloping can be an amazing adventure and a fantastic way to start your married life together. They can be so much more intimate, cost effective and personal than a big traditional wedding.

There are so many reasons why couples elope, hence why they are becoming increasingly popular. Planning a wedding can take a lot of time and can be really stressful, but by eloping you can get officially married in a month!

You can be as creative, romantic, crazy (thinking outside the box) as you like on your wedding day! Unfortunately, not every family is close, so by eloping you can avoid complicated family politics; if you don’t want to hurt your family’s feelings, you can elope and have a small reception party afterwards.

So, if you want to leave much of the cost, and all of the stress and anxiety associated with a wedding behind you, I could be your perfect celebrant to design and coordinate your elopement anywhere of your choosing (i.e. in your own backyard, or your dream location, or that special place that is meaningful to just you two).

Packages can be quoted on request for your fully custom elopement (maximum six people).

If you desire a celebration with Heart & Soul that reflects your unique wishes, relax – you can stop searching now!

Contact Sal to make an enquiry today!