Living Tribute

What is a Living Tribute, and How Do You Plan One?

Have you ever been to someone’s funeral and thought, “It’s a shame George doesn’t get to hear all of the amazing things they’re saying about him”? 

A Living tribute is about being at your own wake before you leave this life, it is a chance to honour a loved one while they are still here to enjoy the party, and gather your nearest and dearest to sing their praises. Especially when a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness or getting on in years,  the reality of their mortality can make them feel overwhelmed, only half-human, or can leave a person feeling lost and vulnerable.

In contrast, a celebration in their honour can be a way to help an elderly or dying person find renewal as they hear how their life has inspired others.  That’s why more and more people are becoming open to the idea of a Living Tributes, to gather their loved ones to commemorate the final chapter of their lives.

In 2003, my dear friend and colleague, the late great comedian Lynda Gibson, was coming to the end of her journey with ovarian cancer. It was decided to put on an event to celebrate Lynda’s life ahead of her passing and “Gibbo’s Roast” was organised. The anticipation of this event was very confronting for everyone involved, but no one more than Lynda herself. As she even said at the end of her rejoicing event, “Thank you all for coming to my wake and I’m glad to be here myself.” This event was the most uplifting and memorable experience for the hundreds of people who attended, and Lynda’s spirit soared from the afterglow of her special unique celebration of life and lived another four and half months, making it through Christmas (as was her wish) with family and friends.

Sally-Anne Upton

Let’s face it, not everyone gets the chance and privilege of hearing what other family members, friends and colleagues have to say about how they have played a pivotal role in their lives, and to thank them for that journey.

So, as a celebrant and registered nurse, combined with my expertise in organising events, I would be honoured to organise such an event for you or your loved ones, if you so wish.

Packages can be negotiated for your fully custom event.

If you desire a celebration with Heart & Soul that reflects your loved one’s unique wishes, relax – you can stop searching now!

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