Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

It has alway fascinated me how we plan a lot of things in our lives, but when it comes to our own mortality/death, we avoid it completely.

Some people may find planning their own funeral difficult or morbid. Others may be comforted that the funeral will be carried out according to their wishes and that their family or friends won’t have to guess what they would have wanted.

Still others think that funerals are for the family, and should be organised by them. Some people decide they don’t want a funeral at all, or are concerned it will be too expensive or sad. 

I believe your celebration of life, funeral or memorial service is about you; but more importantly, a fundamental ritual for your loved ones to gather to say goodbye, to grieve, to comfort one another and to celebrate your life!      

Sally-Anne Upton

People may prefer to have a memorial service or a living wake, either way it’s a good idea to discuss your choice with family and friends ahead of time.

As an Authorised Celebrant, I can offer a planning meeting to organise your own Celebration of Life, Funeral or Memorial Service before your last day on earth happens. This allows your service to reflect your exact wishes, incorporating who you would like to be involved, your choice of music, poems/readings, traditions or beliefs, so your personal service will be orchestrated to your exact wishes.

This meeting can be conducted at any age, and not necessarily because you are unwell or have a terminal Illness. You can plan ahead.

Packages start from AUD$250 (per 90mins meeting – excluding travel costs, if required).

If you desire a celebration with Heart & Soul that reflects your unique wishes, relax – you can stop searching now!

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