Surprise Weddings

Surprise weddings are the perfect option for couples that are looking for something completely different and non-traditional, who perhaps want to rein in the budget of planning a full blown wedding, or simply want to be married sooner rather than later. Not only do surprise weddings completely delight all in attendance, they can be a fantastic option for couples that want to avoid the stress and pressure of organising a traditional wedding.

From a Legal Standpoint: For an Australian marriage ceremony to be deemed legally valid, the surprise element can only extend to official witnesses and guests. In other words, the ceremony cannot come as a surprise to the marrying couple.

One of the requirements in the Marriage Act 1961 (the legislation under which two people can be legally married in Australia) is that “both parties know about and agree to their marriage”. They must sign legal forms before they are married thus signifying their consent to marry that partner. So a wedding “surprise” for one of the marrying partners is NOT possible under Australian law. NO, you cannot surprise your partner on the wedding day!

To surprise all your guests who think they have been invited to celebrate a:

  • Birthday / Engagement / House Warming / BBQ / Baby Naming / any other reason to celebrate that you can think of;

…then YES a surprise wedding is ABSOLUTELY legally allowed!

I love conducting surprise weddings. With my knowledge and expertise on how to pull off these tricky top-secret planning events, you can relax in my capable hands and surprise and delight your guests with a wedding they will always remember!

Packages starting from AUD$1000 (Excluding travel costs, if required)

If you desire a celebration with Heart & Soul that reflects your unique wishes, relax – you can stop searching now!

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