x Victoria

Sally Anne has played a pivotal role in two very significant occasions – our 25th relationship anniversary in 2009 and then five years later, the funeral for my late husband Rob. Both times, Sal was more than a celebrant on the day. All of her work prior to the day, the thoughtfulness, the research, the pulling together of threads – be those threads people or stories or music – meant that each of those occasions were celebrations in every way. Sal has a way of reaching out to people in times of significance – be those times happy or sad- to make the journey easier, fun, enjoyable or bearable. She has insight, warmth, intuition and tremendous compassion. She is like a universe that has your back. She honours you, your friends, your family and your story – be that at the beginning of a journey – or the end.  I will be always grateful to Sal for the memories she helped create of those two occasions.  In particular, her involvement and her role helped me, my sons, my friends and my family – in the healing journey on the tremendous sadness of the passing of our dear one, Rob.